Monday, September 21, 2009

Chinese Media look at the Sino-India relationship

Here is a sample of press clippings sent by a Chinese friend. Gives a flavour of how at least some in China are looking at the Indian media reports on tension between the two countries. I am very grateful to my friend for translating the headlines in to English.

  • 杨洁篪外长认为中印之间没有根本的利害冲突,呼吁加强合作
[Yang Jiechi, Chinese foreign Minister, claims that there is no fundamental conflicts between China and India, and calls on their sound cooperation.]

  • 中印关系政府顾问程瑞声表示中国目前要处理的问题甚多,没有功夫和印度搞军事冲突
[Cheng Ruisheng,the general consultant in Sino-India relation affairs,says Chinese government is too occupied in caring for something else to feel like seeing military conflicts arise between China and India.]

  • 水均益认为中印并非必然冲突
[Shui Junyi,an influential host from CCTV writes about the outstanding significance of the bilateral relation recognized by the leaders of both sides,and suggests as well that misunderstanding be wiped out.]

  • 印度呼吁政府的脊梁装钢筋
[India media fans the sparks of conflicts and impose pressure on Indian government to be tough at China.]

  • 呼吁印方某些人改变敌视中国的态度
[indicating that it is some voices from India that led to the tenseness between China and India]

  • 中国乃维稳为主的内向型经济及针对印度的增兵所建议举措
[China is oriented on keeping a peaceful environment to boost the steady economic growth without ambitious aggressive desires]

I welcome Chinese friends to share relevant news clips and their thoughts on the issue, so that my friends and I in India would get some idea of how China is looking at India.

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