Saturday, November 14, 2009

“Capital Freedom of China: Annual Report, 2009”

Chaoliang Jing of Cathay Institute for Public Affairs, Beijing, sent this brief report on the conference that was held on 11 Nov 2009.

Under the moderation of Profs Mao Shoulong and Feng Xingyuan, the conference has been carried out basically in line with the agenda except for some minor and understandable adjustment and it proved a success in the end.

Paticipating in the conference were many important scholars in China (such as Mao Yushi, LJN, Xia Yeliang, Mo Zhihong,etc.) and media persons (including Fang Gang, the vice president of which is a very influential Web portal in China); besides, more than sixty students and graduates from various universities or institutes were also present as audience, and some of them participated as commentators.

The conference is mainly about releasing two great books: one is “Capital Freedom of China: Annual Report, 2009” , co-authored by Feng Xingyuan, Mao Shoulong and Xia Yeliang; and the other is “Financial Logic” by Chen Zhiwu. During the ceremony, addresses were given, questions taken, and commentary provided. Despite any difference among speakers, for most of the participants, they believe in capital freedom rather than capital regulation. In particular, the scholars shed light on the definition, role, and other important aspects around capital. And of course, there were much more sparkles during the activity, whose detailed record would soon come on CIPA website.

Dr Amitendu Palit could not deliver his speech, “On the Financial Freedom and Financial Development in India”. I’m sorry to let you know that he had a very bad cold that day, which stopped him from delivering the speech at all. As a result, the audience, including me, missed the valuable chance of listening to him talk.

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