Sunday, August 9, 2009

China Should break up the Indian Union, suggests Chinese strategic expert

Following analysis from a think tank in Chennai, is based on a publication authored by Chinese strategic experts who seem to believe that India's social and ethnic diversity is anachronistic, and could be exploited to break up India, as India never really existed in history. Is this line of thought mere rationalisation for China to justify intervention in India, in the hope of neutralising any possible threat India might pose as she builds its economy on the foundation of its political success? Or is it another rationalisation to buttress the official Chinese view of itself, as a homogeneous civilisation, to justify its own existence, and point to India's apparent internal contradictions and fault lines to nullify India's belief in unity in diversity?

China Should break up the Indian Union, suggests a Chinese Strategist

D.S.Rajan, C3S Paper No.325 dated August 9, 2009

Almost coinciding with the 13th round of Sino-Indian border talks (New Delhi, August 7-8, 2009), an article (in Chinese language) has appeared in China captioned “If China takes a little action, the so-called Great Indian Federation can be broken up” ( Zhong Guo Zhan Lue Gang, , Chinese,8 August 2009). Interestingly, it has been reproduced in several other strategic and military websites of the country and by all means, targets the domestic audience. The authoritative host site is located in Beijing and is the new edition of one, which so far represented the China International Institute for Strategic Studies (

Claiming that Beijing’s ‘China-Centric’ Asian strategy, provides for splitting India, the writer of the article, Zhan Lue (strategy), has found that New Delhi’s corresponding ‘India-Centric’ policy in Asia, is in reality a ‘Hindustan centric’ one. Stating that on the other hand ‘local centres’ exist in several of the country’s provinces (excepting for the U.P and certain Northern regions), Zhan Lue has felt that in the face of such local characteristics, the ‘so-called’ Indian nation cannot be considered as one having existed in history.

According to the article, if India today relies on any thing for unity, it is the Hindu religion. The partition of the country was based on religion. Stating that today nation states are the main current in the world, it has said that India could only be termed now as a “Hindu Religious state’. Adding that Hinduism is a decadent religion as it allows caste exploitation and is unhelpful to the country’s modernization, it described the Indian government as one in a dilemma with regard to eradication of the caste system as it realizes that the process to do away with castes may shake the foundation of the consciousness of the Indian nation.

The writer has argued that in view of the above, China in its own interest and the progress of whole Asia, should join forces with different nationalities like Assamese, Tamils, and Kashmiris and support the latter in establishing independent nation-states of their own, out of India. In particular, the ULFA in Assam, a territory neighboring China, can be helped by China so that Assam realizes its national independence.

You may read the full article here.


  1. and how many states / ethnic seperations should China be broken into ?

  2. We can particularly see the tragic consequences of relating ethnic identity as the basis for national identity in Europe in the past century. Any attempt to tread a similar path in China or India could be catastrophic. We got a taste of the tragedy during the Partition in 1947.